Caterham Academy 2001 - Late series

We participated in the Caterham Academy series in 2001 (late group) and a journal of our experiences is recorded in these pages. Click on the links for pictures. The eventual schedule of events was:
Technical workshop - Loads of useful information from Derek Moore, the Caterham Midlands staff and the team from Entreprix. An amazing amount of effort and organisation from all involved including all the sponsors. Visit their web sites shown here.
Feb 22

ARDS test day at Silverstone to obtain a competition licence
March 8
Delivery Day April 28
Silverstone test day
May 8
Castle Combe - track day. Fantastic day - loads of track time and great instruction. Well done Calum Lockie and the team at Goldtrack.
May 23
June 10
July 7 & 8
Curborough - sprint school. A rather mixed day. 8 runs - 3 wet and 1 on the long track. At least I know where the track goes and what its like in the wet (answer: ice racing in the summer!). Later in the day a visit to Earl Shilton to see a man about bump stop rubbers.
July 10
August 11
Curborough - second visit. 14th out of 20 but with only one effective timed run (the second was wet) it was the proverbial lottery.
August 25
Lydden Hill
September 1
First National Corporate day at Mallory Park - Some useful track time in preparation for the race in October
September 4
Harewood2 September 8
Brands Hatch. Test day on the 27th which was dry and exciting. Mixed up with Superlights & Global Lights which mean a clear lap was rare. Managed a 59.66 at the end which wasn't bad. The race on the 30th (Birthday as well) was totally wet. Qualified 13th (OK) and finished 11th (better) by virtue of a good start and those in front coming off.
September 27 & 30
Mallory Park
October 7
Kemble -track day organised by Easytrack. Very wet to start and track liberally coated with the contents of a Ferrari's sump. Exciting! December 1
The 2001 season in more pictures
Team colours reflect the Super 7's Lotus heritage and the 1970 World Drivers Championship

Lotus 41X Brands Hatch '68

2001 version!
New nose job courtesy of Russell Parry of Dorking.

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