Lydden Hill for for the Borough 19 Sprint and SEMSEC Academy Tropy race. Fabulous little track which was great fun but didn't fully come to terms with. Finished 16th out of 22 in the Sprint and 12th out of 14 in the race. The race started eventfully , making up two places from 12th on the grid on the first lap only to have a gravel (and nearly barrrier) moment at Paddock (right in front of wife and mother) and fell to last. Made up a couple of places but gave up chasing John Barry (10.4 seconds ahead) only to find afterwards he had a 10 sec penalty - bummer. Learnt a few lessons though...............


The only time I got in front of Steve!


Paddock bend. Tony at Devil's Elbow in the background

Tony receives his pot for yet another first place


Grid for the Academy trophy race