The racing Marches - Assorted Photos of a memorable constructor

In the late sixties four people (Max Mosely, Alan Rees, Robin Herd and Graham Coker) got together to form March Engineering with the ambitious objective to produce race winning cars for most categories including F1 from the outset. They were, by and large, successful and over the following years produced a number of innovative and striking looking cars.

Arturo Merzario, March 761 Silverstone 1977

Vittorio Brambilla, March 751 Silverstone 1975

Hans Stuck, March 741 Brands 1974

Mike Beuttler, March 711 Brands 1972

Rolf Stommelen, Eiffeland March 711 Brands 1972

Ronnie Peterson, March 721X Brands 1972

Russell Wood, March 723 Mallory 1972

Marc Surer, March 792 Donington 1979

James Hunt, March 731 Silverstone 1973

Ronnie Peterson, March 712M Brands 1971

Roger Williamson, March 732 Brands 1972

Alan Jones, March 74B Mallory 1974

Herbert Muller, March 752 Silverstone 1975

Vittorio Brambilla, March 751 Silverstone 1975

Giordano Reggazoni, March 753 Mallory 1975

Chris Barnett, March 753 Mallory 1975

Dave Morgan, March 703, Thruxton 1970

Ronnie Peterson, March 721G Brands 1972

Phil Dowsett, March 79B Mallory 1980

Rad Dougall, March 782 Donington 1978

Stephen South, March 763 Donington 1976

Hans Stuck March 751 Silverstone 1975

Jackie Stewart, March 701 Brands 1971

Giordano Reggazoni, March 753 Mallory 1975

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