The 1 Litre F3 'Screamers' - Assorted Photos of a memorable class

In the late sixties anyone interested in where the next generation of Formula One drivers were developing had to look no further than Formula Three. With thriving national series throughout Europe interspersed with occasional international events, works teams from Matra, Lotus, Cooper, Tecno, Renault Alpine, McLaren (really!) and Chevron, numerous fast privateer Brabhams plus quick cars from smaller manufacturers such as Titan, Merlyn, Pygmée, Alexis, Gemini, McNamara, BWA, Birel and De Sanctis, all with similar perfomance from the almost ubiquitous MAE downdraught 'screamer' F3 provided an almost perfect recipe for spectacular racing.

Brands Hatch 29th October 1967 - Guards Motor Show 200

Manfred Mohr, De Sanctis

Roy Pike, Titan

Peter Westbury, Brabham BT21

Henri Pescarolo, Matra MS5

Peter Gethin, Chevron B9

Mike Beckwith, Gemini DAF

Brands Hatch 2nd June 1968 - 2nd Grand Mini Festival

Lanfranchi (Brabham BT21), Schenken (Chevron B9)

Tim Schenken, Chevron B9

Schenken (Chevron B9), Lanfranchi (Brabham BT21)

Brands Hatch 20th July 1968 - British Grand Prix

Ikuzawa (Brabham BT21),Rollinson (Chevron B9), Lucas (Titan) & Lanfranchi (Brabham BT21)?

John Miles (Lotus 41X) leads Roy Pike (Titan)

Offenstadt?(Pygmee MDB11), Schenken (Chevron B9) & Rollinson? (Chevron B9)

Brands Hatch 2nd Sept 1968 - Guards International

Peter Westbury, Brabham BT 21B

Tony Lanfranchi, Brabham BT21

Jean-Pierre Jabouille, Matra MS5

Chuck McCarty, Brabham BT21

Tony Lanfranchi, Brabham BT21

Wisell (Tecno), Ikuzawa (Brabham BT21), Lucas? (Titan), Miles (Lotus 41),Westbury (Brabham BT21B)

Mike Walker, McLaren M4A

Reine wisell, Tecno 68

John Miles, Lotus 41X

Charles Lucas, Titan MK3

Chris Craft, Tecno 68

Jean-Pierre Jabouille, Matra MS5

Brands Hatch 20th October 1968 - Motor Show 200

Mike Beuttler, Brabham BT21

Manfred Mohr, Tecno 68

John Miles, Lotus 41X

Tony Lanfranchi, Merlyn MK14A

Mike Beckwith, Tecno DAF

Bill Stone, Brabham BT18

Gjis Van Lennep, Tecno DAF

Reine Wisell, Tecno 68

John Miles, Lotus 41X

Reine Wisell, Tecno 68

The Tecno DAF team

Lotus 41X

Ronnie Peterson, Tecno 68

Peter Gaydon, Brabham BT21B

John Miles leads into Clearways

Racing Car Show 7th Jan 1969

The new Lotus 59

Crystal Palace 26th May 1969 - International Meeting

Tim Schenken, Brabham BT28

Rollinson, Peterson, Wisell, Bond, Schenken, Pike, Gaydon et al

Keith Jupp, Brabham BT28

Jupp (Brabham BT28), Hanson (Chevron B15) & Gaydon (Tecno)

Roy Pike, Gold Leaf Lotus 59

Rollinson, Peterson, Maskell, Bond, Wisell & Watkins

Mallory Park 29th June 1969 - Guards 4000 Guineas International Races

Ben Moore's Titan

A Ben Moore entered Chevron B9

Mike Beckwith, Lotus 59

McInerney (Chevron), Jupp (Brabham) and Keens (Tecno)

Tim Schenken, Brabham BT28

Ikuzawa (Lotus 59), Gaydon (Tecno) and Keens (Tecno)

Jurg Dubler, Tecno 69

Sverrir Thoroddsson, Brabham BT28

Roy Pike & Mo Nunn, GLTL Lotus 59s

Brendan McInerney, Chevron B15

Werner Riedl, McNamara MK3

Alain Boudier(?), Tecno

Barrie Maskell, Chevron B9

Maskell, Pike & Nunn

McInerney, Reidl, Mike Keens,& Roger Keele (Chevron B15)

Pike & maskell

Ikuzawa (Lotus 59), Pike & Maskell

Schenken, Pike & Maskell

Ikuzawa on victory lap (Final)

Jupp, John Buxton (Brabham BT21B) & Reidl

Keens & Norman Foulds (Brabham BT21B)

Ikuzawa, Keens & Peter Gaydon (Tecno)

It's a BT21B but whose (Wright, Bond or Scott?)

Schenken's Sports Motors Brabham BT28

Silverstone 19th July 1969 - British Grand Prix

Ronnie Peterson, Tecno 69

Mike Beuttler, Brabham BT28

Reine Wissell, Chevron B15

Werner Riedl, McNamara MK3

Wissell leads Schenken & Peterson

Bev Bond, Brabham BT28

Barrie Smith, Chevron B9

Reine Wissell, Chevron B15

Tetsu Ikuzawa, Lotus 59

Peterson leads Wissell

Schenken, Ikuzawa, Bond, Rollinson, Gaydon, ??? and Lucas

Ronnie Peterson, Tecno 69

Brands Hatch 1st Sep 1969 - Guards International races

Jean-Pierre Jassaud, Tecno 69

Mike Beuttler, Brabham BT28

Francois Mazet, Tecno 69

Brands Hatch 19th Oct 1969 - Motor Show 200

Howden Ganley, Chevron B15

Jean-Pierre Jabouille, MRE Brabham BT21B

Francois Cevert, Tecno 69

James Hunt, March 693

Adam Potocki, Matra MS5

Mo Nunn, GLTL Lotus 69

Charles Lucas, Titan MK3A

Francois Cevert's Tecno 69

James Hunt's March 693

Tim Schenken, Brabham BT28

Jean-Pierre Jaussaud, Tecno 69

Bev Bond, Lotus 59

EMC motor in Gaydon's Tecno 69?

Freddy Kottulinsky, Lotus 59

Freddy Kottulinsky (?)

Mike Keens, Tecno 69

Richard Scott, Chevron B15

Mike Beuttler, Brabham BT28

Schenken leads Wisell (Chevron B15) in Heat 1

Rolf Tellsten, Lotus 59

James Hunt, March 693

Thruxton 20th Sep 1970 - Yellow Pages Europe Cup

Brendan McInerney, NEMO

Torsten Palm, Brabham BT28

Carlos Pace, Lotus 59 (Wilson Fittipaldi in background)

Jean-Claude Guenard, Alpine A360

Francois Migault, Tecno 70

Gerry Birrell, Brabham BT28

Mike Beuttler, Brabham BT28

Gustav Dieden, Brabham BT28

Jean-Pierre Jaussaud, Martini MW3

Torsten Palm, Brabham BT28

Max Bonin, Tecno 68

Wilson Fittipaldi, Lotus 59

Barrie Maskell, Chevron B17

Jean Pierre Jarier, Tecno 70

Roger Keele, Palliser WD3

Dave Morgan, March 703

Geoff Bremner, Petonyer March 703

Colin Vandervell, Petonyer March 703

David Cole, Lotus 59

Bev Bond, GLTL Lotus 59A

Georges Schafer, Tecno 69

Richard Scott, Brabham BT28

Dave Walker, GLTL Lotus 59A

Mike Tobitt, Chevron B15

Chris Skeaping, Chevron B17

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