2021 Season
2021 was Year Two of the COVID pandemic and we only managed a few outings. We thought we had the new Suzuki GSXR1000 L8 engine properly sorted after the gearbox problems at Blyton but an abortive event at Snetterton threw up more issues which took us the rest of the season to resolve without any competitive running.

The Year:

June: We headed off to Snetterton with the Force in optimistic spirits but were to be disappointed. The electronics were playing up and we were suffering serious overheating. The electronics problem was eventually tracked down to a pinched cable between the front wing and the chassis while the overheating turned out to be a failing oil scavenge pump caused by debris from the Blyton gearbox failure. Despite this Chris J still won the class on Saturday and the car was clearly the fastest 1100 when performing. I managed a 96.07s on Sunday before retiring but at least scored a few British Sprint points.

July: Shelsley Walsh in the Caterham. A wet/dry day and I was slow to get on the pace. I finished between Anthony Earl and Tim Richardson's similar Caterhams with a 35.62s.

I then took the Caterham to the Dick Mayo Sprint at Combe and managed a Class win with a time of 68.03s.

October: Some brief tests at Llandow with the full team present finally indentified all the outstanding issues and required a new oil pump from XLR8 in Vancouver.


The Force looked good at Snetterton June '21*

The team at a Llandow test, October '21

A wet Shelsley, July '21#

* Jane Loudon
# Rob Macdonald

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