2014 Season
After a few seasons with the Formula Ford (and Caterham) the one thing left to try was slicks and wings. I didn't fancy (famous last words!) going hi tech with a modern carbon tub and a bike engine so the obvious choice was Formula Ford 2000. It would be a simple step up from FF1600 and Wayne Poole Racing could maintain it. Having looked around, a Van Diemen RF82 (as used by Senna to win the championship in '82) looked just about right and they came up for sale quite often. So, late in 2014 we went up to Pontefract to see an RF82 that Chris Emery Racing had for sale. Chris prepares and runs older race cars and had built the RF82 up from new parts with the intention of using it himself.This wasn't working out so I bought the 95% complete car and left it to Wayne to finish it off. It already had new black sidepods so a white body and wings would make a smart scheme.

It's previous driver had been a little on the short side and without a seat I seemed to fit quite comfortably although this turned out to be a false assumption. Once sorted out the car was a complete pleasure to drive and although it felt a little like an FF1600 the extra torque of the Pinto made a huge difference and I quickly became quite confident in the car.

However, as the season progressed the lack of suitable competition became glaringly obvious and it was really out of place in the British Sprint Championship. So unfortunately I had to let the car go but at least it sold quickly to a racer in Ireland and we were able to deliver it to the WHT at SIlverstone at the end of the season.

The Year:

March: The first outing was a test at Llandow and although the car ran well, not only was I not very comfortable in the car but my feet were getting caught up in a front chassis cross member. With the Great Western sprint at Combe coming up in a few days the only way I could run was by chopping the ends off an old pair of race boots! This actually worked out OK and a 149.32s saw me 29th out of 84 starters and ahead of a trio of Jedis.

May: To sort out the driving position I decided to take the car to Ken Thorogood at URS which was handy as the next event was Snetterton. Ken took one look at the car, recognised it and within a few minutes had the pedal assembly out, a seat temporarily in place and had me fitted comfortably in the car. The car stayed at URS for a couple of weeks for a bit more work and I picked it up the Friday before the Snetterton sprint where I was immediately at ease in the car and had a good event getting down to a 98.50s although 6 seconds adrift of the Burton/Opie RALT F3.

June: Pembrey for a pleasant week-end and a 115.77s set on the Saturday 34th out of 64 starters. Later in the month I took the Caterham for a run at Prescott and went well with a 49.71s and 8th in a 15 car class.

July: Knockhill. Really looking forward to tryong the RF82 at this fantastic track. Saturday was cold, misty and very wet. With no wet tyres I tried one run but it was hopeless so we packed up for the day. Sunday was glorious and I steadily reduced my times down to a 1m 54.4s although there was more to come. I was still keen to enjoy the Caterham's 1800cc rejuventation so did the Dick Mayo at Combe and enjoyed a good day with a 68.20s behind Smith and Bellerby to take 3rd out of 6.

August: Another trip to Norfolk at the beginning of the month and another Borough 19 event this time at Hethel. A wonderful and interesting venue and had a good time getting down to a 137.09s against a mixed bag of opposition. I fancied trying Gruston again to later in the month took in the National meeting with the Caterham. The event was enlivened by a close scrap with Jerry Neary and coming out ahead by 0.07s with a 37.10s

September: Shelsley Walsh but a small field and an uninspiring 34.82s


Hethel, August 2014

Shelsley, Sept 2014

Knockhill, July 2014


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