2013 Season
For 2013 I decided to enjoy both cars at venues I liked most without really bothering to try and maximise points scores in either the HSA or British Sprint Championships. The highlights were taking the Caterham to Crystal Palace (see Barry Couldrick photo right)w where I had spectated as a boy and Knockhill in the Van Diemen which is a really terrific track whether it is run clock wise or the other way round.

The Year:

April: Loton turned out to be my first event of the year as the March Combe was snowy and the car stayed on the trailer! Not that Loton was much better with snow on the surrounding hills and a cold & damp track. Result - a fairly miserable 63.99s and the new power in the Caterham not getting a chance to be used much.

May: To Goodwood with the RF89 and a good battle with Dennis Pickett resulting in 186.06s. Bright but cold & windy day relieved by ex Caterham Academy friends Steve & Cathy Newman turning up to spectate. Also, Caroline Pashley's partner provided some useful information re FF2000 cars which I had begun to consider as a simple step to slicks and wings. At the end of May we took the Caterham to the Motorsport at the Palace event and joined Fyrth and Eileen Crosse staying in the atheletes accomodation block just yards away from the paddock. It is a bit of a chore getting to the venue and the track is somewhat short but at least you get to run through North Tower corner which is as much as it was back in the day. Sunday was a learning day and times stedily improved to a 39.04s on T2 which was good enought for third in class and a pot. Monday saw a few runners fall by the wayside but improvements saw a 38.70s best on T3 for another third place.

June:Back in the VD again for one of my favourite and most successful venues - Pembrey. Saturday started a bit damp but was better in the afternoon and I finished with a 122.63s comfortably ahead of the other 3 Formula Fords. Sunday was better and my times steadily improved to a 120.18s and another win. Then it was back to the Caterham for the Dick Mayo Combe event and up against the regulars of Bob Bellerby (Riot), Mike Smith (Striker), Tony Booth (Caterham) and Nick Green (Caterham). Second to Bob on a 68.78s was a really good result. Finally it was to Prescott and a best of 50.20s in a large combined class.

July: Knockhill. Really looking forward to tryng this track only seen before on TV for the annual BTCC visit. It wasn't to disappoint especially the run through Duffus Dip and McIntyre through Butchers and up to the blind crest of the chicane. Saturday was fine and I improved to a 122.55s and quite a good result. Sunday was run in the reverse direction and was cold, wet and horrible. The car was aquaplaning on the straights and was quite scary. Conditions were a little better for the timed runs but a 134.06s wasn't representative.

September: The annual visit to Shelsley in the Caterham. Good weather and a 34.24s


Knockhill, July 2013

Combe, June 2013

Pembrey pits, June 2013


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