2012 Season
Nothing new for 2012 at all really. Likely to just do those events that I enjoy and go well at rather than chase both the British Sprint and HSA Championships. Visits to Lydden (see right - photo by Matt Bristow), 3 Sisters and a forst visit to Blyton Park.

A bit of pre season testing in both cars plus a visit to the workshops - Wayne Poole Racing for the Van Diemen and Cougar Engineering for the Caterham. It must have helped as I took the Formula Ford class in the HSA Championship again.

The Year:

March: The traditional season opener, the Great Western Sprint at Combe in the Van Diemen for a 153.81s helped by a test a few days previously on the same track.

April: Lydden Hill. After a good practice run T1 was disallowed for exceeding track limits and tried too hard on T2 to finish behind Den Pickett and Pete Gillett with a disappointing 86.0s.

June:To Pembrey. Saturday was seteady with a 123.08s and ahead of the other FF. Sunday wasn't so good with a 123.98s. Then it was Combe for the Dick Mayo Sprint with the Caterham but a poor performance with a 73.72s to finish behind Nick, Mike and Bob.

July: Back in the VD at Llandow and a fairly easy win over a couple of other FFs with an 86.02s. Then it was on to Blyton Park for first visit. A bit slow to learn the course and managed to get up to 2nd behind Pete Gillett (out of 5) on T3 with a 74.44s although I had been behind Bob Ridge-Stearn after T2. Improved again on Sunday to a 73.56s and 2nd again.

August: I took the VD to Three Sisters but Formula Fords aren't really suited to this tight and twisty track and I should have put some really short gears in. Andrew Henson was out of sight but a good battle with Paul Webb and Peter Ibbotson to come third with an 82.18s and a pot.

October: Curborough - only one dry run with a 32.85 to finisg 2nd behind Pete Gillett and clinch the FF Class in the HSA Championship.

Lydden Hill, April 2012

Curborough, October 2012

Blyton, July 2012


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