2008 Season
No changes to either car over the winter and 2008 plans included the Richard Egger Insurance HSA Speed championship in the Caterham and the British Sprint Championship (4 round junior version) in the Van Diemen. Plenty of early season tests at Llandow and Combe got things going again.

More problems with 'fried' starter motors saw the Caterham back at Millwood for a new starter (neither the new axial or a Brise will fit with the race primaries) and a neat aluminium heat shield off a Caterham 21 fitted. The annual mid season check & MOT for the Caterham at Caterham Midlands saw the fitment of new 'low line' headlamps from SVC which changed the appearance of the car somewhat although no appreciable increase in straight line speed through the MIRA speed trap though.

A rather disappointing season overall. A couple of PBs, third overall in the British Sprint Junior Challenge and third in class in the HSA Championship but quite a few enjoyable tests so looking forward to 2009.

The Year so far:

First event of the year - the Bath Half Marathon. A reasonable training schedule boded well but cold wet weather and a delayed start (down to organisation of classic pi** up in a brewery proportions) meant it was a struggle to relly get going. Managed a 1h 56m 01s time and 4,315th out of 10,054 finishers.

 March 16th

Longcross - first event of the year in the Caterham to try out this fantastic course. Unfortunately rotten weather including snow which flat out around the banked section was a bit scary. 4th out of 6 (but close to third) with a 2m 17.67s

 March 24th

Castle Combe - A British Sprint Championship round at Castle Combe at last. Unfortunately not worth the wait as the weather was very cold, wet & windy. First run was just damp but it steadily deteriorated. Only one timed run and had visor misting up problems so the whole thing is best forgotten!

 March 29th

Curborough 1 lapper - a pleasant Spring day but up against Palmer & Bradshaw so third with a 36.45s.

 April 13th

Gurston Down - First visit and impressed but again the weather was atrocious. Cold, wet & windy so did one timed run and put the car on the trailer. Time irrelevant (47.76s).

 April 19th

Goodwood - Lovely day and circuit. Beat my own HSA Class record with a 103.28s to take second with and a pot.

 May 10th

Loton Park - Despite the weather forecast the day was bright and warm. Had a good tussle with Mark Laverton to finish 5th in front of a pile (11) of Westfields with a good 61.79s.

 May 18th

MIRA - Another pleasant day but up against Palmer & Bradshaw so third out of 6 with an OK 55.31s

 July 12th

Llandow - Back in the Van Diemen and hoping for a good result but last out of 5 with a 84.49s. The time was close to my best a couple of years earlier when I won so the others have all got quicker!

 July 19th

Colerne - Back in the Van Diemen and a return to the local Colerne airfield track. Only FF present so main interest was to beat the previous year's time which I did with a 85.44s.

 August 25th

Anglesey - First visit to the entirely rebuilt Ty-Croes track. Fantastic venue and fifth of the 1700s on a dry but cold Saturday with a 131.86s beating Keith Adams by 0.03s. A damp Sunday saw times slower across the board and fifth again with a 136.02s.

 August 30th & 31st

Shelsley - Going well on a pleasant day setting a 34.99s PB on the first run but a botched gear change and a lock up into bottom S on the second run meant that was it and third behind the two Johns, Palmer & Bradshaw.

 September 21st

Curborough - A lovely October day and perfect for good times but just couldn't make it happen. Third behind the Johns Palmer & Bradshaw with a 36.07s although each run was quicker still off a PB.

 October 12th

Prescott 2008

Van Diemen RF88 - Llandow sprint 2008*

Curborough - April 2008+

* Photo courtesy & copyright of Steve Wilkinson
+ Photo courtesy & copyright of Jerry Sturman

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