2007 Season
Having had slow starts to both the 2005 and 2006 seasons due to preparation delays I am hoping that 2007 will see things get off to a better one. The Van Diemen with a fresh engine only needs some gentle running in at Llandow and the Caterham has been to Neil Garner Motorsport at Kemble for suspension set up. After changing wheel and tyre sizes over the past couple of years the ride height and rake were way out and the toe and camber settings need adjustment too. Hopefully, this will translate into better times but only time will tell.

Winter work has been limited to regular starting, freeing up binding brakes and the odd bit of fettling by the 'engineering team' (see right). Early season tests at Llandow, Curborough and Combe are planned to get into the swing of things.

The 2007 plan was to do the ALDON HSA in the Caterham and the four round 'junior' British Sprint Championship in the Van Diemen taking in local venues such as Colerne, Pembrey, Llandow and Lydden. However, the diagnosis of prostate cancer in March disrupted these plans a bit. Following surgery in April to remove the offending item and a speedy recovery motor sports activities resumed in June although having missed a lot of rounds the rest of the season is going to be 'just for fun'.

Testing news: An end of March test at Curborough in the Caterham seemed to indicate that the chassis adjustments made by Neil Garner Motorsports worked fine and provided some good tyre pressure settings.

An early April FF test at Llandow was successful with 80 laps completed on an empty track so hopefully the new engine is fully run in.

Back after surgery with a mid June test in the Caterham at Llandow which went well but got me thinking about re-installing the rear ARB to dial out some of the slow corner understeer.

The Year so far:

First event of the year - the Bath Half Marathon. A disrupted training shedule again left me without enough miles on the legs but managed a 1h 52m 05s time and 3138th out of 8165 finishers.

 March 25th

First sprint of the year - the fantastic Cadwell Park. A very hot day and suffering a major cold but ended up third of the List 1A runners with a 95.97s. This was nearly 3 seconds better than my previous best and within a half a second of a Westfield with 50 bhp more. The car felt great so the Neil Garner set up looks as if it has been a real success.

 April 15th

Prescott hillclimb - a thoroughly wet and miserable week-end and I never really felt that comfortable despite a couple of reasonable practice runs on the dampish Saturday. Pleased to be back but last out of four List 1A runners. Roll on MIRA!

 June 23/24

MIRA Sprint - a splendid, warm and sunny day. Very happy with the car and a PB of 55.15s meant third out of 6 behind the Johns Palmer & Bradshaw.

 July 14th

Llandow Sprint - another wet and miserable day. High hopes after a good test a few days before and looking forward to a run in the Van Diemen. Only 2 FFs entered and although well slower than Ian Houston finished just behind him by 0.3s after he kept falling off!

 July 21st

Colerne sprint - a clear and pleasant day. A difficult track to learn though so really feeling my way all day. Only one other FF present who I managed to beat with an 88.43s after improving on each run. I'll have another go next year!

 Aug 27th

Prescott Hillclimb - A largely dry and pleasant day except for a brief shower in the morning leading to a damp second practice. However the car felt good, even with the rear ARB fitted and fast on the bottom half of the track. A bit too slow through the esses and semi circle but nonetheless third of the up to 1700cc runners with a PB 50.87s so not too bad.

 Sept 22nd

Loton Park Hillclimb - A dry and pleasant day for all 4 runs. 13 cars in the class and a modest start in practice but two PBs in the timed runs netted third place and a pot with a 62.47s on the first run. The second could have been quicker except for a muffed gear change (2nd to 5th!) out of Museum. Pleased.

 Sept 29th

Curborough Sprint - Another dry and pleasant day for all 4 runs. Only a few cars turned out so second to John Palmer with a 35.74s. Not quite a PB but a bit faster than at the same meeting last year so OK.

 Oct 14th

Llandow testing April 07

Llandow testing April 07

Christine @ Llandow April 07

Prescott, July 07*

Cadwell Park, April 2007+

Cadwell, April 2007+

* Image courtesy of Steve Taylor. Copyright retained by photographer
+ Images courtesy of Steve Wilkinson. Copyright retained by photographer

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