Redline Motorsport Midland Speed Championship - 2005
Began the season with the intention of running in the ALDON HSA Championship but owing to the delay in the new engine plus the fact that Mr Palmer had opted to concentrate on this championship a late decision was made to go for the Redline Motorsport Midland Speed Championship instead. T7 BEW (the ex Ben Shalders 750MC Roadsport A) was used for the first few rounds before S7 CSB made a return. The planned track day at Spa was regrettably cancelled owing to 'FIA requirements'.

After an encouraging start with T7 BEW things slowed down a bit with the return of S7 CSB as I tried to get the hang of the different characteristics of the new Wilcox motor. However, by the end of the season a couple of good results at Criborough and Loton not only netted 2nd in the Midland Speed championship but also 3rd in the ALDON as well.

I also decided to have a go at a bit of competetive running - encouraged by Barrie Jennings!

The winter upgrade quickly became the spring & early summer upgrade at John Wilcox Competition Engines but the result was worth the wait. It really is down to the driver now.........
 March onwards
Bath Half Marathon. First competetive athletic event for 40 years! Great fun and a time of 1h 47m 29s in 1,802nd place out of 5,570 finishers!
 March 20th
Shelsley Walsh. At last the start to the season in T7 BEW and a modest third with a 36.88s
 May 14th
Shelsley Walsh again for the Midland Speed round on Sunday. Second with a 36.55s after a tussle with Shaun Mansbridge and good points.
 May 15th
MIRA. A big spin on the first run but some redemption on run 2 to take 3rd with a 57.21s but a long way behind Palmer & Jones.
Pembrey. 5th out of 8 with a 64.23s despite a monster spin in practice but good points so quite happy.
 June 4th
Llandow. Third behind John Palmer & Chris Jones with a 88.70s in an ALDON round. Good practice for the Midland Speed event later on.
 June 18th
Curborough long course. 4th out of 6 with a 65.55s and a bit disappointed but waiting for the return of S7 CSB.
 July 17th
Llandow. At last, first event with S7 CSB and sharing car for the first time with Barrie Jennings. 8th out of 18 with an 87.99s doesn't sound too bad but only average points.
 July 23rd
Three Sisters. Soaking wet all day but 3rd out of 6 with a 62.34s, a pot and good points.
 August 13th
Elvington. A good practice followed by a disappointing set of timed runs (including a spin). 3rd out of 5 with a 75.58s and reasonable points so not a disaster.
 July 3rd
Wiscombe. A large class of 16 cars including 1,800cc and List 1B tyres. 11th overall with a 48.50s after only one dry run but third out of the Midland Speed runners.
 Sept 4th
Curborough. Second with a 36.25s PB on the short course and good points.
 September 25th
Loton Park. The first visit of the season. Third out of 8 with a 63.09s. A generally slow day but at least I kept geting quicker so a fair end to the season.
 October 2nd
Cardiff Half Marathon. Second competetive athletic event for 40 years! Harder than Bath and seemed a quicker event. Still, a great time of 1h 44m 38s in 787th place out of 4,252 finishers!
 October 9th
Team colours reflect the Super 7's Lotus heritage and the 1970 World Drivers Championship

Llandow July 2005. Copyright retained by Steve Wilkinson

Having fun at Cardiff!

The 2005 Aldon HSA awards

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