Aldon HSA Speed Championship - 2004
Championship: 3rd in class again!

Concentrated on the Aldon HSA Speed Championship for the first time, taking in 10 events plus odd rounds of the Midland Speed, BARC Circuit Driver and Lotus 7 Club championships. Oh and a few track days! An average year with a couple of good results and a couple of disappointing ones. 3rd in class and just outside the top ten in 11th overall.

The first win remains elusive,coming close at Curbourough only to throw the car off the track after comfortably leading during practice. At least car and driver remained in one piece and a lesson learnt. 2005 looks like the Aldon HSA Championship again but with the possibilty of a major engine upgrade in the offing...............

The winter upgrade should have seen a further improvement in times with the fitting of verniers and a fuel pressure regulator with a rolling road session at John Wilcox Competition Engines and wider section rear tyres but this was not always found in practice however.
Silverstone Stowe for a snowy & windy start to the season! Second out of 6 with a 99.37s after Phil Wood hit a marshal's post! An encouraging start.
 March 13th
Harewood. The annual pilgimage for a Midland Speed round. A newly re-surfaced tracked worked for me with a 67.67s (nearly a second quicker than my previous best) but only good enough for 7th out of 11. A strong field.
 April 11th
Wiscombe. A splendid spring day at an interesting new (to me) hill. Third out of 6 behind the Woods with a 47.66. Not bad.
 April 24th
Llandow. Back to back events with a Lotus 7 club sprint at Llandow on the Sunday. High hopes running in the standard plenum chamber (i.e no throttle bodies) class of 14 runners. However, 4 timed runs later with a disappointing best of 88.04 only netted 7th.
 April 25th
Shelsley Walsh. 4th out of 9 with a 35.65 and a bit disappointed to be beaten by newcomer David Fitzsimmonds but at least I was a second faster than 2003.
 May 15th
Curborough short course. With John Palmer hors de combat and Chris Jones absent here was a chance. Fastest in practice I dropped it on my first run and only just managed a half decent second run with a 37.04s for 2nd. Bummer!
 June 13th
Llandow. An Aldon round with all the regulars present (even if John Palmer was sharing Chris Jones' car). Damp conditions and an 89.89s for third place.
 June 19th
Castle Combe. A BARC Circuit Driver round and a 75.38s for 6th out of 13. Not bad
 July 3rd
MIRA. 4th place in a field of 10 including both Woods, Palmer and Jones was probably the best result of the year. An identical time (56.01s) to Steve Batchelor (but being faster on the first run gave me the place) and 0.02s faster than Phil Wood.
 August 7th
Goodwood. First visit and extensive 'learning' by doing a few laps on the bike! Super fast and exciting. 3rd out of 8 with a 103.58 (despite running very wide at the chicane) and a pot. A good day!
 August 14th
Pembrey. A Midland Speed round for fun. 4th out of 5 with a 62.92 was so good though.
 September 11th
Loton. 4th out of 6th with a dampish 63.99s.
 September 18th
Prescott. 51.49s and 3rd out of 6 meant decent Aldon points after a bit of an off in practice.
 Sept 25/26
Curborough short course. Last event of the year and hoping for enough points to hang on to 10th overall in the championship. Third out of 6 with a 36.96s was OK but points corrections in other classes dropped me to 11th.
 October 10th
Team colours reflect the Super 7's Lotus heritage and the 1970 World Drivers Championship

2004 at Shelsley Walsh start

The kit at Combe

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