FantasySport Midland Speed Championship - 2003
Championship: 3rd in class again!

Concentrated on the FantasySport Midland Speed Championship, taking in 11 events and only one track day. A good start, lost the way a bit in the middle and a better finish summed up the year. The winter upgrade should have seen a bigger improvement in times but over stiffening both ends led to a loss of grip, which was only realised towards the end of the season.
Next year is still undecided but will include the Midland Speed Championship again...............

Winter upgrade at Caterham Midlands to Roadsport 'A' spec minus the ACB10 tyres and the race springs & shocks. That means 6 speed gearbox, wide track, LSD and adjustable rear ARB.
Track day at Castle Combe run by Castle Combe Racing School. Car feels quite different but more controllable and much improved traction. The 6 speed gearbox and close ratios really keep the engine on song.
 March 28th
Croft. Wet practice but a dry first run. 8th out of 11 with a 100.07s but plenty more to come. Second runs wet so that was that. Fastest out of the 8 that ran some small consolation. But not much.
 April 21st
Loton Park. A big field of 18 including the Westfield championship runners. Practice wet and dry but promising. First dry run got 3rd with a 64.49s. Pray for rain said Christine and it did! Still came 3rd on the second run so best result to date and a nice pot! Really encouraged.
 May 10th
Pembrey. Hot day & first time at the circuit. Surpised myself by finishing 2nd out of a small but good field of 8 with a 62.12s.
 May 31st
Shelsley Walsh. Lovely warm day. 2nd out of 7 with a 36.82s but a second and a half slower than Chris Jones who hadn't beaten me this year so far. Nice pot - hope Shelsley continues as a venue.
 July 5th
Curborough. 3rd out of 6 with a 66.01s (twice!). Not as fast as 2002 though - where's it gone?
 July 20th
Llandow. Probably my best track and hoping for a good result. Big field of 18 including the Westfield club. 2nd in dry practice with an 87.61s, slipping to 4th after 3 wet runs with a 91.73s after a close tussle with Rob Navin, Keith Adams and Stuart Hill.
 July 26th
Three Sisters. Super little track but only 4th out of 5 with a 51.09s
 August 9th
Harewood. Lost the plot in practice big time. Slow and two offs on one run. All captured in glorious colour on DVD! Just about managed to get it together with a 68.49s on the last run for 7th out of 14.
 August 24th
Loton Park. Hoping to repeat the early season success only to be disappointed. Fifth out of 9 with a 62.8s PB.
 August 31st
Curborough short course. Only entered for the points but the other 3 who turned up were all bloody quick so came 4th (i.e. last!) with a 36.04s despite steady improvement all day.
 September 7th
MIRA. A big field of 17 and an average practice. However, a bit of advice from Mr Palmer (like not lifting for the first 2 corners!) netted a 4th with a 55.27s on the first run just behind Chris Jones. Couldn't improve on the last run but kept 4th and a satisfying finish to the year.
 September 20th
Team colours reflect the Super 7's Lotus heritage and the 1970 World Drivers Championship

2003 version
with Netspin logos.

The gravel at Harewood

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