FantasySport Midland Speed Championship - 2002
2002 was mainly about the FantasySport Midland Speed Championship , eight events entered and 3rd in class as the result. Other events included Castle Combe and Prescott together with a few track days:
Winter upgrade at Caterham Midlands to Supergrads engine spec (133 bhp) and 14" Minators with Potenza RE720s.
Jan 18
Llandow track day. Great day with Book-a-track & Christine's first run on a track.
March 16th
Loton Park. 9th out of 14 with 65.12s. March 31st
Harewood. 7th out of 18 with 68.45 and almost competitive! April 14th
Castle Combe. Track day with Trackstar.
May 3rd
Shelsley Walsh. 4th out of 6 with a 38.39s. Disappointing but a 'power' hill.
May 19th
MIRA. Great track but wet. 6th out of 11 with 64.59s.
May 25th
Llandow. 3rd out of 6 with 88.36s.
June 15th
Hullavington track day. Great day with Motorsport Events & a chance to sort the handling with the 'green' front arb.
July 19th
Castle Combe. 9th out of 15 but a 'power' track again. Fortunately a 'non championship' event.
July 6th
Curborough 2 lapper. 65.62s. 2nd out of 6 and a 'pot'! Well pleased and some good points.
July 21st
Llandow. 4th out of 16 with a 87.61s after running third. Most competitive and satisfying result of the year.
July 27th
Ty Croes Anglesey. 9th out of 15 with a 104.89s (same as Brad Gould but he did it first!) but enough points for 3rd in class for the championship
August 31st
Prescott. 12th out of 18 with a ragged 51.26s. Difficult track.
September 29th
Hullavington track day with Motorsport Events
December 6th
Team colours reflect the Super 7's Lotus heritage and the 1970 World Drivers Championship

2002 version
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